Boosting performance within a collaborative culture at LinkedIn

LinkedIn partners with Insights to boost team effectiveness in a culture of collaboration


LinkedIn is an organisation that’s growing at pace globally. This means that many LinkedIn people are working in multiple teams simultaneously, with all of the demands, adaptability, and understanding of cultural difference that that entails.

Relationships need to be built quickly and reach effectiveness rapidly, despite that fact that team members may work in different time zones, on varying priorities, and will possibly never meet in person.

For LinkedIn the question was: how do we instil a culture of collaboration that’s also as highly effective as we need it to be?

Enter Insights.


One of the best ways to embed the Insights language of colour in an organisation is to build a core of accredited Insights Discovery Practitioners internally.  We have begun to build a network of practitioners across LinkedIn, who are experts both in what’s going on on the ground, and how to use Insights Discovery solutions to address those issues quickly.

For LinkedIn, there were three ways to maximise their culture of collaboration:

  • Helping people improve their time management in a way that worked for their personal preference. In a company where agility and speed are key, we’ve supported people to improve their productivity and raise awareness of where time may slip from their control
  • The language of colour! The Insights Discovery colour energies are heavily powerful, but as easy to remember as 1, 2, 3. Team members find it easier to work productively, to address conflict, and to understand why others may work differently to them when they embed Insights Discovery into their daily working life
  • Focusing on team communications. Newly formed teams needed to find a quick way to work together well. By mining the wealth of information in their Insights Discovery Personal Profiles, and using the array of exercises we shared with the LinkedIn practitioners, they were able to recognise each other’s preferences, understand each other and work well together from the very start.


The language of Insights Discovery just keeps spreading. As just one example, Senior Sales Performance Consultant in Sales Readiness, Tiffany Poeppelman, has – in just one year - helped over 250 people to begin their journey with Insights Discovery.

Teams across LinkedIn now find it much simpler to reach maximum performance quickly, as the Insights Discovery language of colour gives them common ground where it may not exist elsewhere. Where people are matrixed into multiple teams, Insights Discovery provides a common thread throughout the organisation which helps to address conflict, enhance team performance, and allows people to invest in their own development while meeting their goals.


Delegates have now experienced
Insights Discovery globally.

Teams must work effectively together to be successful; investing in their development of self, and their interactions with others, is paramount.  

Tiffany Poeppelman

Senior Sales Performance Consultant

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